End Users

The involvement of end-users in COLLAGE will assure the best relevance of the project results aiming to satisfy the needs of stakeholders.

The End-users Network comprises conservators, curators and managers responsible for cultural heritage institutions, in addition to private companies working which markets conservation equipment as well as services for protecting the cultural heritage and who wish to participate in the network activities according to their own interest.

Worldwide organisations (Research groups/Institutions, Museums, Libraries, Archives, Conservation/ Restoration Laboratories, Private and Religious Collections) as Endusers will be admitted to join the COLLAGE Network , sharing and supporting the COLLAGE objectives.

End-users are expected to give input (feedback, best practices, workshop co-organisation, etc.) and contribute their know-how on the project's specific targets and objectives; they will benefit directly from the project's workshops, access to facilities, web-based information, training tools and so on.

The End-user's Logo and brief description will be published on the COLLAGE website and a equivalent link to the project website is required on the Enduser's web.

The Endusers are connected 'loosely' with the project via a Letter of Intent. There is no fee involved in order to join COLLAGE and participate in its Network community. They are expected to sustain the costs of participation in COLLAGE activities themselves.

If you are interested in joining the Enduser network-ship please contact the project Coordinator. Non-European members are welcomed.